• Image of Alive As You Are (CD)

Our latest album. Recorded by ourselves at Hyde Street in San Francisco in January 2010. The Dead recorded American Beauty there. Creedence called it "Cosmo's Factory." Jefferson Starship had their offices there. Don't forget "One Toke Over The Line" and "The Humpty Dance." Et cetera. Now they've closed it and are turning it into condos. Did a little more and mixed it at Prairie Sun in Cotati. It's special.

1. Backseat
2. Split Minute
3. 18th Street Shuffle
4. New America
5. Rain Party
6. Maple Day Getaway
7. Trail the Line
8. June Bloom
9. Dear Author
10. A Lovely Game
11. Cry on Me Woman

Produced by DML and Nick Huntington
Engineered and mixed by Drew Fischer
Additional mixing by Jason Lader
Maria Taylor appears on "Rain Party"